Monday 24 March 2014


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It was Georges' second birthday recently, and so I wanted to bake some little fairy cakes for him to take into nursery. 

I went online to buy some two today rice paper cake toppers.  They all had different designs on them from puppies to robots and made the cakes look really individual.  They looked great and the kids (and carers) enjoyed them.

Makes approx 24 cakes.


200 g/7 oz caster sugar
200 g/7 oz self raising flour
1 tea spoon baking powder
3 medium eggs
200 g/7 oz margarine
Vanilla essence
2 tablespoons milk
Individual cake cases

For the topping:
140 g/ 5 oz Icing sugar
100 ml water
Rice paper cake toppers


Heat the oven to 190 degrees/gas mark 5. 
Place the cake cases into two dotted baking trays.

Place the margarine and sugar into a bowl and cream together until smooth. Add the eggs, flour, baking powder, milk and vanilla essence and mix thoroughly.
Spoon the mixture into the cake cases, approximately 1 desert spoon per case.  Place in the oven for 15-20 minutes until the cakes spring back when lightly pressed. Allow to cool on a wire rack.

Decorate by mixing the icing sugar with water to create a thick paste and spoon over the cakes.  Add the rice paper toppers and press down gently so that they are in firm contact with the icing sugar.  They have a tendency to curl up and so I go back five minutes late and push them back down with the back of a spoon.

Party cakes ready.  Just add kids….

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