Sunday, 8 April 2012


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It can be difficult to tell the difference between some vegetables, and it is quite common to use the terms interchangeably in shops and supermarkets.

Marrows and courgettes are both members of the squash family, sharing many common characteristics. But what is the difference between marrow and a courgette apart from the size?  Does a large courgette ever become a marrow or a small marrow ever become classified as a courgette?

Courgettes and marrows are summer squashes, belonging to the cucurbit family.  Courgettes, zucchinis and marrows all derive from the same plant, but are categorised according to their size and maturity when harvested.

The varieties of squash typically known as a ‘courgette’ is in fact a selected form of marrow specifically harvested at a young age.  Courgettes are the young fruit of several types of marrow, often picked when they are the size of a cigar.  Zucchinis are picked when they reach 15-20 cm long. Marrows are harvested from the same plant when they are mature and has reached their full size.

There is no difference between a courgette and a marrow except their stage of development when they are harvested.

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  1. im sorry to say that this is wrong, there are several botanical differences between marrow and courgettes, one being leaf shape, habit of plant, courgettes are bushy and marrows trail.

  2. Also marrows have thicker skin than courgettes, harvested young or old the differences are there.

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