Sunday 15 April 2012


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Diary foods such as milk and yogurt provide an excellent source of calcium in your diet, which is important for bone health. Milk contains the sugar lactose and therefore has a low GI value.

Dairy foods are relatively low in calories. Select skimmed milk, low fat cheeses such as edam and use small portions of full fat cheeses.  Eat diet yogurts and low fat fromage frais to keep the calorie level down.

It pays to check the labels for certain products like yogurt to check for added sugar. Regular cheeses are a major source of saturated fat so check the label carefully for a low fat variety. Choose a light, soft margarine with a low level of trans or hydrogenated fats. Full fat milk contains 3.9 per cent fat, semi-skimmed milk 1.6 per cent fat and fully skimmed milk 0.1 per cent fat.

The best diary foods to eat on a low GI diet include skimmed milk, buttermilk, soya milk, low fat trans margarine, fat free/1 percent fat cheese, cottage cheese, fat free yogurt, whole eggs, egg whites.  Avoid foods high in GI such as full fat milk, chocolate, butter, milk, hard margarine, full fat or regular cheese, full fat yogurt and sour cream.

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