Wednesday 2 October 2013


My friend Emma always cooks me stir fry when we meet up.  It not that she cant cook anything else, just that it is so quick and easy and we love it.  Its also very economical but you can mix it up and add some more exotic ingredients such as
hot dog sausages, prawns, cashews or oyster mushrooms if you like.

You can prepare and cook this meal within 20 minutes.

Serves 2


2 chicken breasts
100 g bean sprouts
100 g stir fry noodles
1 peppers
1 onion
6 mushrooms
1 medium carrot
I pack stir fry sauce
2 teaspoons soy sauce
Black pepper
5 teaspoons sesame oil.


Prepare the ingredients by slicing the sausages diagonally into 2 cm pieces.  Slice the onion and mushrooms, and cut the carrot and peppers into small strips.  

Heat the oil over a medium heat in a wok or non stick pan. Stir fry sausage, pepper, onions and carrot and cook for 2 minutes.  Add the beansprouts, noodles and stir fry sauce and cook for another 5 minutes. Add the soy sauce.

Place into a bowl and serve.  

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