Thursday 14 July 2011


This is a quick and easy vegetarian dish that is surprisingly filling and can serve either two people as a main meal or four people if accompanied with vegetables. 

1/2 lb salad potatoes
2 small onions
1/2 pack fresh spinach
1/2 lb broccoli florets
150 g mature cheddar cheese
8 large eggs
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 clove garlic
1 tea spoon chopped Marjoram
1 tea spoon chopped thyme

Boil the potatoes for 10 minutes until soft. Cut into thick slices.
Place the broccoli in a pan of boiling water for 5 minutes to soften.
Dice the onions and fry gently for 5 minutes.

Place some oil into a deep frying pan and place on a medium heat. Beat together the eggs, adding the garlic, thyme, marjoram and half the cheese.

Place the broccoli, onions and potatoes into the pan.  Add the egg mixture and spinach. Stir for approximately 5 minutes until the mixture thickens then place the remaining cheese on top of the frittata. Leave on a medium heat for 10 minutes or until the bottom has set. 

Place the frittata under the grill for 5 minutes until the top is solid and the egg is cooked through.  Serve as a main dish or with baby potatoes.   

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