Friday, 15 April 2016


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I am forever buying spring onions to put in salads or stir frys as for some reason I always neglect to grow this crop myself even though they are really easy to grow.  However, this year I am going to grow them myself.

Spring onions like a rich, well drained soil. Prepare the ground a week before planting by gently tilthing the soil and adding a general purpose fertiliser such as Growmore.

You can either grow your spring onions directly into the soil or into containers. Seeds can be sown from early March until August to ensure a crop from May until September.

If planting into beds sow your spring onion seeds thinly into rows 15 cm apart and cover with 1.5 cm of soil. Alternatively fill a container with seed and potting compost and sprinkle your seeds on top, covering with a light layer of soil.

I will be sowing into various containers successively each fortnight from early March to ensure a continuous crop of onions during the summer.

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