Saturday, 26 March 2011


Peppadew peppers have a distinctive flavour, combining peppery and sweet sensations.  Peppadew is a trademark name for processed sweet piquante pepper, with the distribution of plant material is strictly controlled by the owners. Applications have been made by the Peppadew company to The International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants, otherwise known as the UPOV.

Seeds can be sown indoors in January to give the plants a head start before planting outside.Alternatively they can be sown in a greenhouse up until the end of march.  

Fill plug trays with John Innes 'seed' compost. Cover with 2 cm of  compost and water gently.  Place in a well lit place, ideally a south facing windowsill with between 12-16 hours sunshine per day, remembering to keep moist during germination.  Ensure there is adequate ventilation to your seedlings.

Germination will take 1-4 weeks. They can be transplanted into individual pots until they are ready to be planted outside. This can be carried out when  the seedlings have produced their fourth leaf. 

Fill 9cm pots with either John Innes no.1 or no.2 potting compost, carefully remove them with a pencil and gently transplant to their individual pots.  When the threat of frost is over they can be planted directly outside or placed into a greenhouse. Ensure plenty of organic matter is incorporated into the soil to keep the roots moist. Place in a sunny position.

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