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The advantage of growing cucumbers from seed is that you can grow many different varieties of cucumber that are not available in the supermarkets to buy.  The taste of home grown cucumbers far exceeds shop bought ones, and there is a good choice of cucumbers to plant that differ in appearance and taste.

You can start planting your cucumber seeds from the end of March. To give you seedlings a head start, plant indoors or in a heated greenhouse.  Fill your pots with John Innes seed and potting compost. You could use small individual pots or a modular plug tray. Make two holes near the centre of each pot and place a cucumber seed in each hole. Water thoroughly and cover with a perspex sheet/glass to keep in moisture and place on a sunny windowsill or greenhouse.

The cucumber seedlings should germinate within a week or two.  Remove the weaker of the two seedlings when they are 3 cm high. When they have 2-4 true leaves they can be transplanted outside into there position.  Ensure that this occurs after the risk of frost has passed and that they are hardened off in a cold frame.  If you do not have a cold frame you could bring them back indoors at night or protect them with a poly tunnel or cloche.
Alternatively you can sow seeds directly into the soil when the danger of all frost has passed, usually beginning of May. The cucumbers will be ready to harvest later than plants grown earlier indoors.

Prepare the ground by digging over the soil and incorporating farm yard manure to help retain moisture in the ground. Cucumber plants like to stretch out so plant the seedlings 45 cm apart in rows that are 1.5 m apart. Ensure you water well during dry spells and feed fortnightly with a general purpose fertiliser.  Cucumbers are ready to harvest July to October depending on variety - ensure you keep an eye on them during this period or they may suddenly grow to massive proportions.

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