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It's that time of year and you hopefully have have researched which tree you want.  Now you have brought it home and you are ready to put it up.  But what can you do to help the tree last throughout the festive season?

You may have solved part of the issue by selecting a non-drop needle variety of tree, which will retain its needles far better than traditional Christmas trees.   However, what you do next will affect the life span of the tree.

First of all you buy a tree stand that is the right size for your tree. Some stands have water reservoirs inside them which will need topping up with water on a regular basis.  These help to preserve your tree longer as the cause of needle loss is caused by the tree drying out after it has been cut.

Ensure you fit your tree correctly into your Christmas tree base.  Removing 2-3 cm from the bottom of the trunk will help the tree to take up  water. Be careful not to remove any bark from the side of the trunk as it is required to take up water and if removed it will prevent water uptake.

Room temperature will affect the tree significantly.  Do not place the tree next to a radiator or fire as this will cause the tree to lose water and drop its needles.  Equally do not place in a draft or by a cold door.  Ideally locate your tree in a position where temperatures do not fluctuate.

Sit back and enjoy your tree.   Happy Christmas x

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