Monday, 5 December 2011


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Christmas is over, and the decorations are coming off the tree.   You look at your Christmas tree that has delivered you through the festive period and think; can I replant this tree and use it next year?

Yes you can, but only if the roots are still intact and the tree has been kept cool and watered.  If not, then the tree will effectively be dead and it is not worth pursuing planting.

Trees cut off at ground level to fit stands are known as cut Christmas trees.  These do have no root system and so are not suitable for planting.  However, if you have purchased a pot grown, potted or bare root tree then you can replant.

Pot grown Christmas trees have been grown within the pot, having an intact root system. They can be planted directly into the garden or remain in a pot.  Because the root system is intact this type of tree will be the most successful to replant.

Potted Christmas trees have been grown in the ground and then lifted to place into a pot, meaning that some of the root system is still intact.  However, success depends on how much of the root ball remains.  Place you tree outside for several months to allow it to root into its pot.  You can then either plant directly into the ground ready to dig up again next Christmas or keep it in a pot.

Bare root trees will have some roots intact, but this will differ from tree to tree.  They are therefore less successful than pot grown or potted trees. Plant up in a pot filled with soil and place outside, watering regularly.

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