Tuesday 2 August 2011


There are certain foods that should be avoided during pregnancy because they may cause harm to your unborn baby or they carry a higher risk of food poisoning. 
    • Alcohol
    Alcohol can seriously affect your unborn babies development and should be avoided during pregnancy.  
    • Caffeine
    Too much caffeine can lead to underweight babies or miscarriage so limit yourself to a maximum of 200g of caffeine per day. Caffeine is found in some food, soft drinks, tea and coffee. A cup of tea has 50g of caffeine, whilst coffee has 75g. 
    • Cheese
    Cheese can carry listeria which can harm your unborn baby. Do not eat soft blue veined cheese such as Danish blue or mould ripened soft cheese such as camembert or brie.
    • Eggs
    Do not eat raw or undercooked eggs as they carry a risk of samemellia. Ensure all eggs are cooked thoroughly until solid and avoid home made mayonnaise.
    • Fish
    You should avoided raw shellfish as this may cause food poisoning. Also limit oily fish such as tuna and mackerel to a maximum of twice weekly. You can eat cooked shellfish such as prawns.
    • Meat
    Do not eat raw or undercooked meat.  Ensure meat is thoroughly cooked and avoid pink or bloody meat.  
    • Milk
    Avoid unpasteurised milk, including unpasteurised cows and sheep milk.  Do not eat food that is made out of unpasteurised milk either, such as soft goats cheese.
    • Liver
    Do not eat liver as this contains high levels of vitamin A that can damage your unborn baby. This includes liver products such as liver pate or liver sausage.
    • Pate
    Pate should be avoided as they can contain listeria which can harm your unborn baby.  
    • Vitamin A
    Vitamin A can cause damage during pregnancy.  Avoid taking anything containing vitamin A supplements, high dose multi vitamins or fish oil tablets.

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