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Datura and Brugmansia both have amazing angels trumpet flowers which are bold and striking, particularly at night when they are also fragrant.

And it is not surprising that the two are compared to each other. Datura is a closely related genera of brugmansia, and for many years Brugmansia was included in it. They both belong to the family Solanaceae.

However there are some key differences between the two. Datura is more of an elegant weed, and are mostly annuals. They do not get a woody stem and so are much smaller plants, but still have the striking trumpet flowers (although they point upwards, not down). Brugmansia, on the other hand, grow into tall, woody shrubs or trees.  Their flowers hang downwards from each node along their branches.


Datura is also known as the trumpet plant due to its large bell shaped flowers. Most flowers are white but they may also be yellow, purple, lavender and red. The stems of Datura are soft but erect, and the leaves are lobed and lightly furred. Daturas are annual plants, self seeding vigorously.  The seedlings grow rapidly during the season, reaching a height of up to 1.2 m.

Daturas are smaller and less woody than Brugmansia. In contrast to the drooping flowers of Brugmansia the flowers are positioned upright.

Native to South America the Datura belongs to the same family as deadly nightshade and mandrake, and so are poisonous.


Known as Angels trumpet Brugmansia is a woody stemmed plants that has large, trumpet shaped flowers that hang down. These plants can become a massive woody tree, reaching heights of 7 metres tall.

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