Monday, 10 August 2015


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Datura is also known as the trumpet plant due to its large bell shaped flowers. Native to South America the Datura belongs to the same family as deadly nightshade and mandrake, and so are poisonous.

Most flowers are white but they may also be yellow, purple, lavender and red. The stems of Datura are soft but erect, and the leaves are lobed and lightly furred. Daturas are annual plants, self seeding vigorously.  The seedlings grow rapidly during the season, reaching a height of up to 1.2 m.

Datura plants are very easy to grow from seed.  Sow seeds in the spring directly into a rich, fertile soil.  You can either plant directly outside into a bed or indoors into a pot. However the plants will not survive frost and so treat as summer bedding plants and ensure that they are planted out well after the risk of frosts have passed.  Place in a sunny position, and water regularly. 

Ensure you water your plants regularly. Re-pot plants annually and bring them indoors during the winter. Feed the plants with a fertiliser during the spring and prune to shape.  Stake the stems as necessary to support its slender stems.

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