Tuesday, 30 October 2012


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The Dead Sea borders Israel and Jordan and is one of the worlds smallest seas. It is famous for its scrolls and high salt content, which is six times higher than the ocean.  In fact it is so salty that it can easily support the body weight of sea bathers.

A sea is part of the ocean that is partially enclosed by land.  The Dead Sea is located on a rift where two of the Earths plates are slowly spreading apart. This means that the Dead Sea is continuing to sink lower every year, and is in fact the lowest place on Earth at 400 meters (1,320 feet) below sea level.

All landlocked bodies of salt water have an increased salinity than the oceans, although the Dead Sea is exceptionally salty. The high salt levels are partly due to high transpiration levels.  Water is released from the sea through evaporation, which occurs rapidly in the hot temperatures, and leaves behind any dissolved minerals in the sea. In addition there are several rivers that flow into the sea but none that drain out.  This ensures that nutrients continue to be washed into the sea.  The minerals that flow into it stay there forever.

The Dead Sea has fast become one of the world’s leading centres of healthy living. Many people with all kinds of health issues come from far and wide just to spend a few days revitalizing their bodies.

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