Friday, 26 October 2012


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Oceans and seas make up 70% of the Earths' surface. The terms ‘sea’ and ‘ocean’ are often used interchangeably when speaking about the ocean.  In Geographical terms there is a difference.  A sea is a smaller division of water attached to the ocean.  Seas are part of the ocean that are partially enclosed by land.  They are smaller than oceans and typically located where the land and ocean meet.  

It is often said that sailors sail the seven seas of the world, but is this an accurate representation of the amount of seas on the Earth? There are in fact 108 seas (including the five oceans) on the planet.  They vary immensely in size and have different characteristics.  

The Dead Sea borders Israel and Jordan. It is famous for its scrolls and high salt content, which is six times higher than the ocean.  The high salt levels are due to high transpiration levels and because there are two rivers that flow into the sea but there is no outlet from it.  This ensures that nutrients continue to be washed into the sea.

The red sea is not actually red, but may get its name from a type of algae called Trichodesmium erythraeum, which is found in the sea. When these blooms of algae die off they appear to turn the blue-green colour of the ocean to a reddish-brown.  

The Black sea is almost completely cut off from the world's other seas and ocean. The Black Sea is the world's most isolated sea-connected to the Oceans via the Mediterranean Sea through the Bosphorus, Dardanelle and Gibraltar straits. The deepest waters of the Black Sea extend to depths of well over two kilometres.

The largest area of water is the Pacific ocean, which takes up more than a third of the planets surface.  The smallest sea in the world is the Sea of Marmara, connecting the Black and Mediterranean Seas.  It has an area of 11,350 km².

Seas of the World
Adriatic SeaAegean SeaAland SeaAki-nadaAlboran SeaAmakusa-nadaAmundsen SeaAndaman SeaArabian SeaArafura SeaAral SeaArctic OceanAtlantic OceanBaie d'HudsonBakor SeaBalearic SeaBali SeaBaltic SeaBanda SeaBarents SeaBay of BengalBeaufort SeaBellingshausen SeaBering SeaBingo-nadaBismarck SeaBlack SeaBohol SeaBulkhead RipCamotes SeaCape RipCaribbean SeaCaspian SeaCelebes SeaCeltic SeaCeram SeaChosŏndong-haeChukchi SeaClement RapidsCoral SeaDaryā-ye KhazarDaryā-ye KhezerDaryā-ye MāzandarānDaryā-ye ‘OmmānDavis SeaDent RapidsDicks RipDumont d'Urville, MerEast China SeaEast Siberian SeaEastern ChopsEastern MediterraneanFlores SeaGalloway Rapids, Genkai-nadaGreene Point RapidsGreenland SeaGulf of MexicoHalmahera SeaHarima-nadaHibiki-nadaHiuchi-nadaHyŏnji-haeHyūga-nadaIndian RiverInland SeaIonian SeaIrish SeaItsuki-nadaIyo-nadaJava SeaJiuzhou YangKalupag SeaKara SeaKashima-nadaKhalkidhikón Pélagos,, Kong Håkon VII HavKoro SeaKosmonavtovKumano-nadaLabrador SeaLaccadive SeaLandmeenLaptev SeaLaut LeparLazareva, Leading TicklesLigurian SeaLincoln SeaLong RipLuzon SeaMaotou YangMawson SeaMcKinley SeaMediterranean SeaMeiyu YangMer d' EmeraudeMer de LincolnMer du LabradorMindanao SeaMizushima-nadaMolucca SeaMoore RipMyrtóön PélagosNakwakto RapidsNorth SeaNorthwest RipNorthwest StraitsNorwegian SeaOuter Bald RipP'eng-hu WanPacific OceanPechorskoyePhilippine SeaPollock RipPrince Gustaf Adolf SeaPutuo YangQizhou YangQueen Victoria SeaQuoddy RiverRed SeaRiser-Larsena, Ross SeaSaaristomeriSalish SeaSamar SeaSargasso SeaSavu SeaScotch CornerScotia SeaSea of AzovSea of CreteSea of JapanSea of MarmaraSea of OkhotskSea of the HebridesShag Harbour RipShantarskoyeShort RipSibuyan SeaSodruzhestva, Solomon SeaSomova, South China SeaSouth Pacific OceanSulu SeaSuō-nadaTail of the RipTasman SeaThálassa CheimarrasThale PhuketThe HospitalThe OverfallsThe RipThe SwirlersThe TittleThimble, TicklesThrakikón PelagósTimor SeaTosa-wanTyrrhenian SeaUwa-kaiVirsko, Visayan SeaWandel HavWeddell SeaWestern MediterraneanWhirlpool Rapids,White SeaWilsons RipYellow Sea.


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