Monday, 6 June 2016


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We were inspired by our recent holiday to Sorrento to grow a lemon tree in our garden and I am so glad we did as it looks great. 

Lemon trees can be grown successfully outside in the UK but they do require some specialist care. lemons are Mediterranean plants and so like warm, well drained soil and high temperatures. Ensure good drainage by planting your lemon tree on a slight mound, and pick a sheltered, south facing position away from frost.

Because lemons are very cold sensitive we chose to grow our tree in a pot, so that we could move it indoors during the winter.  This technique of bringing in citrus plants indoors during the colder winter months is a long established and although we don't have a purpose built orangery for this it fairs well in the log cabin during the winter.

Prune your tree to maintain a good shape to to keep to your desired height.  We keep ours small to fit in with the garden and pot, but lemon trees can grow up to 10 feet in height in favourable conditions. 

Irrigate your tree weekly, allowing sufficient water to penetrate the soil deeply. Lemons like acidic soil and we found ours leaves were prone to looking yellow due to  magnesium deficiency, so adding epsom salts to the occasional water helps to green up the leaves.

Of course, lemon trees can be successfully grown from lemon seeds.  So next time you drink your gin and tonic remove the lemon slice and have a go at growing your own lemon tree.

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