Friday, 18 March 2016


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Lilies grow well in pots, and growing them in pots allows you to position the plants anywhere in your garden and add instant colour.

Ensure you select a large, deep pot for your lilies, a minimum of 20 cm in diameter.  Place crock or drainage stones into the bottom of your pot.  Fill with a multipurpose compost such as John Innes No.3, adding some slow release granular fertiliser to the mix.

Large lily bulbs (10-12 cm diameter) should be planted singly in the container, whilst smaller bulbs (5-8 cm diameter) can be planted 3 to a pot.  Plant at a depth equal to  the height of the bulb, with the basal plate facing downwards. Do not allow the bulbs to touch, allow 5 cm between each lily.

Keep the soil moist and feed with a high potassium liquid fertiliser such as tomato feed fortnightly during summer.  Watch out for red lily beetle which can be crushed on sight, as well as slugs, snails and grey mould.

Repot your lilies during the autumn, after the foliage has died down. Keep your pots in a cool but frost free position with strong light and good ventilation. Lilies require cool winter conditions to flower well so ensure they are kept outside during the winter.

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