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The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant, originating from South America. These bromeliads are herbaceous perennials, growing up to 5 feet across. They have tough, waxy leaves and a short stem. 

When creating its fruit pineapples usually produces up to 200 flowers. Once it flowers, the individual fruits of the flowers join together to create the pineapple fruit. 

It is easy to root a pineapple from just the pineapple top, and yes you can use a pineapple bought from your supermarket! 

Cut off the leafy top about 1 inch below the leaves before removing some of the lowest leaves. Then place in a pot or directly in the soil.  And thats it.  Keep it simple.  No trimming of the fruit, no drying the top out or placing it in water.  Just cut the top off and plant in the ground or in a pot of light soil mixed with perlite. 

Water thoroughly and place in a sunny position away from direct sunlight. Allow the soil to dry out between watering and place outside  in a sunny position during the summer if you can. Your new plant will flower 20–24 months later, followed by fruit in the following six months

Pineapples like warm conditions so if you plant directly outside ensure you give them frost protection. They grow quite big too, so give them plenty of space.  

So go on, have a go at planting that pineapple next time you eat one. 

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