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The use of garden machinery can be hazardous and result in injury.  Whilst it is the duty of employers to take reasonable care for the health and safety of their employees this does not apply outside the work environment.  

Ensure that you protect yourself whilst operating machinery by carrying out lawn maintenance safely. Safe operating procedures for the use of rollers, scarifiers, spikers and lawn edger's are detailed below.

  • Before use, first remove the plug lead and then check that the machine is in a safe working condition. 
  • Ensure the correct safety guards and cages are securely fitted especially on scarifiers and spikers. 
  • Remove any visible hard objects from area before use and as work proceeds.
  • Start machine in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
  • Keep your feet well clear of the machine at all times
  • Stop the engine before moving the machine across roads and uneven hard surfaces, particularly kerbs.
  • It is important that you have full control of the machine at all times and make sure that you can always see clearly where you are going. DO NOT WALK BACKWARDS.
  • Do not continue to use your machine if other people, particular children are in your way or within the immediate working area.
  • If you are working in a group always keep well away from other operators
  • With spikers and scarifiers it is important to clean underneath the machine as often as necessary to remove clogged matter and check that the blades or spikes are in good order.
  • Always remove the plug lead before carrying out this operation.
  • Never tilt the machine with the engine running
  • Remove the plug lead whenever the machine has to be lifted or carried.
  • Do not leave the machine to stand with the engine running.

  • Only refuel in the open.
  • Do not refuel on grass areas.
  • Do not refuel with the engine running.
  • Do not refuel if the engine is very hot.
  • Always use a spout or funnel.
  • Avoid spillage and check for fuel leaks.
  • Do not smoke whilst refuelling the machine or carrying petrol.
  • Never carry a spare can of petrol on the machine.
  • Turn off fuel, leave the switch at the off position, remove plug lead and clean underneath the machine.
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