Monday, 22 June 2015


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When digging the hole into which the plant will be placed, always ensure that the diameter or width is greater than the root spread of each tree. The sides and bottom of each pit should be loosened with a fork to break up any compaction and to help root penetration.

When planting bare root trees:
  • The supports (canes or stakes) must be driven firmly into the base of the planting pit before planting. By so doing, damage to the tree roots is eliminated
  • The stake must be positioned so that the tree can be centred within the tree pit
  • The tree should be placed on the side of the stake away from the prevailing wind.
  • The roots of the plant should be spread evenly on the soil at the bottom of the hole.

Before returning the backfill ensure the tree is held at a depth so that the point between the roots and the stem (the nursery mark) is level with the surrounding surface of the hole. Planting at too shallow a level exposes roots which will dry out, and planting too deeply can smother and kill the plant.

When returning the backfill material over the roots, the plant should be shaken lightly to allow the backfill to mix freely with the roots. The backfill should then be returned to the pit a little at a time and each layer gently firmed until the planting area is level with the surrounding surface. The soil around the tree must be firmed to eliminate any air pockets or uneven compaction and to keep the plant stable in the ground.

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