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Who hasn't had one or more slip, trip or fall at sometime in our lives? They are usually very embarrassing and painful for a short while. 

A slip occurs when there is too little friction or traction between the footwear and the walking surface.  Trips happen when your foot collides with an object and causes you to loose balance.  Falls usually a result of a slip or a trip, the most dangerous being falls from height.

The outcome of a slip trip or fall can be very serious. Over a third of all major injuries reported at work in the UK each year are caused by slips, trips and falls.

Causes of Slips
  • Little friction / traction available – people slip regularly on ice or wet grass areas and muddy areas
  • Wet or Oily surfaces
  • Spills
  • Weather hazards – frosty & wet conditions increase likelihood of slips
  • Loose or unanchored objects

Wear non slip safety footwear. Ensure extra care is taken when working on uneven ground and in slippery conditions.  Clean all spills immediately and watch out for damaged surfaces.

Causes of Trips
  • Clutter - ensure good housekeeping.  
  • Place tools in safe place when not in use and tidy up your work area. 
  • Uneven walking surfaces
  • Where possible walk areas prior to works to spot uneven areas.
  • Getting on & off machinery

Keep all access routes clear to ensure a safe access route out of work area with no debris on it. Keep work areas clear by placing tools in safe places where they will not create a trip hazard.  Ensure access routes in storage areas are kept clear, do not climb over equipment to gain access. Walk on the centre of paths and not on kerb edges. Take care when moving from one area to another where levels change.Take care when dismounting vans & machinery ensuring parked on level ground, where kerbs involved take extra care dismounting.

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