Monday, 4 August 2014


Nymans gardens are located in the heart of the Sussex Weald.  The estate consists of over 600 acres which includes 300 acres of farmland, 275 acres of woodland and 30 acres of formal gardens.  Included within the gardens is the sub tropical borders.

The sub tropical borders have a fantastic location in the garden, next the picturesque ruins of the old house which are covered with clematis, wisteria and roses. . This provides a dramatic backdrop for the borders and creates a sheltered micro climate which means that tender exotic plants can be grown, albeit with some winter protection.

The sub tropical are designed using plants from the sub tropics. The beds at Nymans are at their peak July to October.  The borders features a framework of hardy exotics uch as Tetrapanex papyrifer 'Rex' (rice paper plant), Musa Basjoo, Musa sikkimensis.  These are left outside in the winter but given winter protection by packing with straw.

Tender exotic plants that require winter protection are located in the borders too, along with Summer bedding that adds colour and seasonal interest. The tender exotic plants are not hardy and so need to be lifted in the winter and kept in the glasshouse on site. These include the Aeoniums, Musella laslocarpa, Echium wildpretii and Cycas palms.

The bedding plants are annuals that are grown each year and planted out in May.

Significant plants include: 

Magnolia grandiflora

Half Hardy Plants

Musa Bajoo
Mus sikkimensis
Tetrapanex papyrifer 'Rex' (Rice paper plant)

Tender Exotics
Cycas palms (Cycads)
Musella laslocarpa (Chinese banana)
Ricinus communis
Eucomysis (pineapple lily)

Verebena borensis

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